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Launch Your Social Work Career

A Vocation to Meet a Pressing Need

Your social work career began with a calling to serve. Now, gain the advanced skills you need to ensure your purpose meets its potential.

Due to evolving cultural values and an aging population, the need for social workers is on the rise, with particularly strong growth in advanced practice jobs. Demand for social workers is expected to grow much faster than average at 13% from 2019–2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.1

Career Options With an MSW

  • Clinical Social Worker: As a clinical social worker, you would serve individuals or groups with a focus on mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. You could find work in a variety of clinical settings, including private practices, hospitals and community health agencies.
  • Community Advocate: As a community advocate, you would help an entire group of people meet their community’s social needs. You might work from a nonprofit organization, an institution or even from a government office to leverage large-scale systems in service of the public good.
  • Human Services Administrator: As a human services administrator, you would manage human and community relations, oversee workforce development programs and suggest new programming as appropriate.
  • Child or Family Welfare Case Manager: As a child or family welfare case manager, you would make initial assessments of individuals and families, follow-up on reports of abuse and neglect, suggest elements of treatment plans and assign cases to other personnel.

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